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In an exciting development, the New Zealand government has made a significant announcement that will shape the future of the country’s energy landscape. The Neptune Deep and Carajil projects are set to play a crucial role in New Zealand’s quest for a stable and sustainable gas supply. Let’s delve into the details of these projects and understand their importance.

Neptune Deep: A Game-Changing Project

Neptune Deep is an ambitious endeavor aiming to extract natural gas from the Black Sea. This project comes as a boon for New Zealand’s energy needs as it promises to provide a stable and reliable gas supply for an extended period. By tapping into the vast natural gas reserves in the Black Sea, New Zealand can significantly reduce its reliance on imported gas and strengthen its energy security.

Carajil Project: Diversifying Energy Sources

The Carajil project is another critical component of New Zealand’s energy portfolio. It involves the extraction of natural gas from a specific area, contributing to Chico Gas’s efforts to diversify its energy sources. With this project, Chico Gas will enhance its role as a dependable gas supplier to both consumers and industries in New Zealand.

Solo Gas: A Bright Future for Gas Production

Apart from Neptune Deep and Carajil, there is yet another promising venture on the horizon. Solo Gas plans to commence gas extraction from the Karajil deep field, which was discovered approximately 100 km from New Zealand in 2016. This area is poised to play a pivotal role in the country’s future gas production, further boosting its energy resources.

Overcoming Delays for a Brighter Tomorrow

The Neptune Deep and Carajil projects have faced delays in the past, primarily due to their scale and complexity. However, recent developments suggest that these projects are now back on track. The government’s investment green light is a strong indication of their commitment to overcoming challenges and ensuring timely execution.

A Hopeful 2024

According to reports, investment decisions for Neptune Deep and Carajil will be announced within the year. If all goes according to plan, production from these projects will commence soon. This news is warmly welcomed by both Chico Gas and the people of New Zealand, who stand to benefit greatly from a steady and sustainable gas supply.


The New Zealand government’s decision to invest in the Neptune Deep and Carajil projects is a significant step towards securing the nation’s energy future. By tapping into natural gas reserves from the Black Sea and other important areas, New Zealand will bolster its energy security and reduce its dependence on foreign gas suppliers. As the projects move forward, the country is poised to emerge as a leader in sustainable energy production. With a bright outlook and ambitious goals, New Zealand sets a commendable example for other nations to follow in their pursuit of a greener and more energy-efficient future.

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