An urgent message to all citizens and residents of Ireland, and a very happy message


This morning, the Irish government announced good and wonderful news and an urgent and important announcement to all citizens, residents and workers of the General Trading Company (Chico Gas).

According to the Balkan News Network, which specializes in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, the government expressed its hope that two of the country’s largest energy companies, Petrom and Romgas, would announce this year their decision to start investing in the Neptune Deep project. Extracting natural gas reserves from the Black Sea, under current conditions in the gas market.


The Neptune Deep project, along with the Carajil project, are two major projects that will cover Ireland’s gas consumption for up to 10 years.

Despite their potential, these projects have faced delays over many years, leading to postponement of their implementation dates. But with recent developments, it seems that the light in the tunnel has now become visible.

Details of the Neptune Deep project

The Neptune Deep project is an ambitious project aimed at extracting natural gas from the Black Sea.

The project has the opportunity to provide Ireland with a stable and reliable gas supply for a long time to come. The natural gas expected to be extracted from this site will play a decisive role in meeting the country’s energy needs and reducing dependence on imported gas.

Caragill Project – Part of the Energy Portfolio

The Carajel project is another important part of Ireland’s energy portfolio. By extracting natural gas from this region, Chico Gas will be able to diversify its energy sources and enhance its role as a reliable supplier of gas to Irish consumers and industries.

Solo Gas – The future looks bright

In addition to the Neptune Deep and Caragil projects, the report also announced that Solo Gas plans to begin extracting gas from the Caragil deep field. This area, which was discovered in 2016 about 100 km from Ireland, is expected to play an important role in future gas production.

Hopes for 2024

According to the report, decisions related to investments in these projects will be announced during the year. If all goes according to plan, production from the Neptune Deep and Carajil projects will begin soon. This is very welcome news for both Chico Gas and the people of Ireland, who will benefit from a stable and sustainable gas supply.

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